Friday, March 18, 2011

Leaves falling down .. like in a dream am walking in a drizzle
Now winter has gone trees started shedding leaves and a lot is changed ..
I wonder how this nature is accepting these changes
Past seven in the night and there is only dim light in the street

Tomorrow might be a pleasant day but who knows? future is uncertain!
Am trying to cop-up with these inevitable changes in life.
I felt, behind every drop of silence hidden thousand sorrows
Both the road and my heart wept and wet

I felt mother nature is hiding many of her greedy emotions
The pain and agony she had come through
And trying to smile at us every morning
But sometimes erupting when things cant be suffered anymore.

Miles away my destination not knowing why am i going.
I really wish for a dawn pleasant and sunny
which may take away my upset mood and gloomy sky
One break from this hardships with my dear one's

Posted by Styphinson Toms at 8:49 AM  


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