Dark Clouds

Friday, March 18, 2011

Am afraid of the dark clouds which I am gonna throw upon you
I am wondering how can I love and hate you at the same time

Like there is sun rise and sun set in the same direction
What rise in the east always ends up in the west!

But in this sleepless night I wish to throw dark clouds on you
Am sure that these clouds soaked in hatred can beat your plain glasses

One more night buried alive while stars mocking at me
Do you talk to thee my friend I do, and you know they said,

They are tied to me like floating lotus flowers, lairs
There were more empty spaces than in your heart

Like the dead spirits dream, I tried to wipe your tears
I the handless man with black heart and white face

I kept my heart in farmers chimney and don’t be afraid of its bloody wetness
Open it and see it is not defeated by the drought

When I killed me for the first time with a knife no blood came out
May be because my blood formed a covering around my heart to protect it

The clouds never knew that the people are just using them
They kept on moving in search of peace!

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