shadow among the trees

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A shadow among the trees
walking away from me
In a cold winter morning,
beneath the gloomy clouds
Ushered by darkness
you walked away from me
Shadows of your love
drawing puzzles in the sand
I found my way out
through those footprints
I couldn't follow you
to ours own world
pink salwar and a
black worn out sweater
never gave me the look
I longed for a long

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Looking for a Nest!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Away From This World
When I realize that I was living in a lie
The world left me behind alone,
And only the sky is before me
What is the next step?
I am looking for a Nest!

Outside there is only concrete creeks
I am becoming a stranger to myself
There are no untold words,
There is no unexpressed love
Nothing went in vein
And nothing was fruitful

The world has left me behind

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Those days are over

Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you say that I still love u dear ..
Yesterday when it rained
thousands of water drops brought me
tons of memories of you.
Do you believe that am still awake in
this late night thinking of you and dreaming of you...
Idiot those days are over!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Like a dandelion in wind not
knowing where am I going.
sweet rose petals around me ,
You smell nice as long as I love you
It still rains outside and warm-
inside your arms like a child.
Am afraid of loosing you
I fear the darkness outside may engulf me.

A time when I forget myself and
live with out past and future.
your presence gave me pleasure but
am not tied to any more restriction.
This is when I break all the ties upon me
I am a free bird now,
like a floating cotton in the clouds.

And now you can loosen and drop
like my torn clad way behind me

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Friday, April 8, 2011

life is made up of choices, right and wrong
they put themselves in a straight line
but in opposite directions
you can choose to move towards the right
or you can turn to the left side
Always Remember, that you can only walk in only one direction

days are made up of choices, glad and sad
they also put themselves in a straight line
but in opposite directions
you can choose to move towards the right
or you can turn to the left side
Always Remember, that you can only walk in only one direction

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Leaves falling down .. like in a dream am walking in a drizzle
Now winter has gone trees started shedding leaves and a lot is changed ..
I wonder how this nature is accepting these changes
Past seven in the night and there is only dim light in the street

Tomorrow might be a pleasant day but who knows? future is uncertain!
Am trying to cop-up with these inevitable changes in life.
I felt, behind every drop of silence hidden thousand sorrows
Both the road and my heart wept and wet

I felt mother nature is hiding many of her greedy emotions
The pain and agony she had come through
And trying to smile at us every morning
But sometimes erupting when things cant be suffered anymore.

Miles away my destination not knowing why am i going.
I really wish for a dawn pleasant and sunny
which may take away my upset mood and gloomy sky
One break from this hardships with my dear one's

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Dark Clouds

Am afraid of the dark clouds which I am gonna throw upon you
I am wondering how can I love and hate you at the same time

Like there is sun rise and sun set in the same direction
What rise in the east always ends up in the west!

But in this sleepless night I wish to throw dark clouds on you
Am sure that these clouds soaked in hatred can beat your plain glasses

One more night buried alive while stars mocking at me
Do you talk to thee my friend I do, and you know they said,

They are tied to me like floating lotus flowers, lairs
There were more empty spaces than in your heart

Like the dead spirits dream, I tried to wipe your tears
I the handless man with black heart and white face

I kept my heart in farmers chimney and don’t be afraid of its bloody wetness
Open it and see it is not defeated by the drought

When I killed me for the first time with a knife no blood came out
May be because my blood formed a covering around my heart to protect it

The clouds never knew that the people are just using them
They kept on moving in search of peace!

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Untold Magic

I never learned magic so as to vanish from your sight
But then magic inspired me too! To vanish from your heart.
The wise man had gone wrong! Fate is not predefined
Ofcousre it is designed ahead of scheduled incidents
Well planned and executed by the almighty.
You and Me are not just mere incidents of thoughts.
But then the mystery is yet not resolved.
Now when the gentle breeze cover you with an aura
Take a deep breath wide open your eyes
And give out a big smile.
And know, luck is what you deserve for your doings.
And so you prepare for your bad luck.
Why do you worry when I am mad?
You must be envious of me, that I am enlightened of truth.
You hid behind your soul not winning it for ever
I have broken the traditions you must be jealousy of me.
The falcon started flying up around the sky again,
Accompanied by whirling wind and overcast
The mystery starts once again...
Now I am afraid to love you, because of the curse
Which is goanna fell up on you at the end.
I realize that my time is near
The time to begin the journey.

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Back to Home

You know when it is been filled up to flow out.
Your heart is been filled with full of joy
You smile and walk in the narrow street,
Kicking off the small stone while thinking of her.

Yes its time to burst out..
You dont see the darkness now, but only stars ..
Twinkling and winking at you
You know, dawn never comes to you..

Chillness of december is waiting to hug you
Where home is just a sweet memory.
Distance not but time makes it so special
Going back to home is going back to yourself

Droplets of water are waiting for you..
Resting on the grass tip they are ... for you
Now you know its time to go out.
No one can stop you from doing that

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